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Easy fix Eurorack
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104-HP system Eurorack
modified Mar 3rd, 08:41

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Submitted Modules

Streams 12 HP Dual/StereoDynamicsEnvelope FollowerEnvelope GeneratorVCA View
Grids 16 HP Sequencer View
Beads 14 HP DelayDigitalDual/StereoEffectRandomReverb View
Blades 18 HP DistortionDual/StereoFilterOscillatorWaveshaper View
Plaits 12 HP NoiseOscillatorSynth VoiceDrum View
Marbles 18 HP SequencerClock GeneratorClock ModulatorQuantizerRandom View
Veils (2020) 10 HP MixerQuadUtilityVCA View
Veils 12 HP VCAMixerUtilityQuad View
Clouds 18 HP EffectDelayDigitalPitch Shifter Sampling View
Yarns 12 HP MIDISequencerOscillatorQuad View
Tides 14 HP Clock GeneratorDigitalEnvelope GeneratorFrequency DividerFunction GeneratorLFOOscillator View
Shades (2020) 6 HP AttenuatorMixerPolarizer View
Ripples (2020) 8 HP FilterOscillatorVCA View
Shades 6 HP MixerAttenuatorPolarizer View
Ripples 8 HP FilterVCAOscillator View
Tides (2014 version) 14 HP Envelope GeneratorClock GeneratorDigitalFrequency DividerFunction GeneratorLFOOscillator View
Rings 14 HP ExternalOscillatorFilter View
Stages 14 HP ControllerCV ModulationEnvelope GeneratorLFOSample and HoldSequencerSlew LimiterUtility View
Peaks 8 HP DrumEnvelope GeneratorLFODelaySequencerDual/Stereo View
Branches 6 HP RandomDual/Stereo View
Shelves (2015) 18 HP EqualizerFilter View
Kinks 4 HP LogicSample and HoldUtilityWaveshaperNoise View
Blinds 12 HP MixerRing ModulatorUtilityVCAQuadPolarizerAttenuator View
Braids (old version) 16 HP OscillatorDigitalDrum View
Edges 20 HP Synth VoiceQuadSequencerMIDIQuantizer View
Links 4 HP MultipleMixer View
Frames 18 HP AttenuatorCV ModulationMixerVCAPanningQuadSequencer View
Elements 34 HP DigitalSynth Voice View
Warps 10 HP DigitalOscillatorRing ModulatorVCAWaveshaperEffect View
Braids (2015) 16 HP DigitalOscillatorNoiseSynth Voice View
CVpal 4 HP MIDI View
Shelves 16 HP FilterEqualizer View

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