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4. ELMT Eurorack Studio (copy)EurorackPrivate
ELMT Eurorack Temp (copy)EurorackPrivate
MU4 Supplemental Stack 2MUPrivate
MU additional utilities ideas (copy)MUPrivate
MU additional utilities ideasMUPrivate
MU Supplemental Stack Ideas BulkMUPrivate
4. ELMT Eurorack StudioEurorack
1. ELMT MU1 Moon Modular SQ8MU
2. ELMT MU2 Synth-Werk 2-voiceMU
3. ELMT MU3 Supplemental StackMU
Studio Rack SalesEurorackPrivate
Behrorack 100m patchingEurorackPrivate
5. ELMT Behrorack 100mEurorack
My pale PedalboardPedals
6. ELMT Mini CaseEurorack
ELMT Eurorack TempEurorack

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Model 1511MU

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Quad Pingable LFO (5), Braids (old version) (5), Ultra-Random Analog (5), Outs (5), A-106-6 (5), English Tear (5), μVCA II (5), Mixer (5), G8 (5), Buff Mult (5), M3 (5), Unity Mixer (5), Maths (5), Z4000 VC-EG (5), A-138a (5), Gozinta (5), Frames (4) and Generator (4)
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