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Module Collection

This User has 11 modules in his collection.

Braids (2015), Warps, Streams, Shades, Peaks, Links, Tides (2014 version), μVCA II, Dixie II, µVCF and μJack

Rated Modules

This User rated 17 modules.

Streams (5), Shades (5), M-174 (5), μVCA II (5), Mutant Bassdrum (5), Peaks (5), Basimilus Iteritas (5), Tides (2014 version) (5), Braids (2015) (5), µVCF (5), Dixie II (5), Echo (4), Warps (4), μJack (4), Disting mk3 (4), Alex & June (1) and BMC36 Digital Hi-Hat (1)
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