Bought an Erica Synth Black Octasource from @akaroid : swift transaction, perfect module. Thanks!

Bought a Ritual Electronics Miasma from @Silentsound - quick and effective communication, module came in excellent condition and with all accessories, and extra-safe packaging. Recommended!

Bought an Audio I_O 1U from @restlessboy. Smooth transaction, quick shipping and nice package. Recommended.

Bought a Richter Oscillator II from @sram, everything went smooth and it was well-packcaged.

just got a supercell from @tomlaan
went smooth :D very happy

Bought a mint Clouds from @Anubian and am very satisfied, both by the product and the service !

I bought a Euclidean Circels from @tothof - everything flawless. Good seller!

Got an Intellijel 1U Noise Tool from @shimercase, everything went well. Serious seller

Shout out to @smartbits for a very fast and efficient sale of his Amsynths JP8 LPF to me. Excellent stuff all round, thank you!

Met up with @opam to buy his Mutable Instruments Frames. Super friendly and accommodating, thanks!

Just bought a Kotelnikov from @Plexusgel. Very accurate description, no surprises there! Very responsive and super fast shipment. Recommended!