I’d like to do some silly neural net experimentation with eurorack module data, inspired by Janelle Shane’s — i.e. train a neural net at least on module names, maybe on names and descriptions, then let it come up with new ones and see if they’re any weirder than existing modules.

Is there some sort of internal API which would let me easily get lists of module names, manufacturers and descriptions in one go? I found which would be easy to scrape, but there are no descriptions. A data dump of the whole module DB table as a CSV file would also be fine, if an admin would be willing to go to the effort of exporting one and sending it to me.

Many thanks,

No, there is no API and please don't scrape the webpage.
Best, Knut

Noted, I won’t do any scraping. Any chance of a one-off data dump? I’m not in any hurry, but it’d be nice to know if this is something which you’re at all open to. I’d be happy to buy a Unicorn account for a year in exchange for the effort ;)

I experimented with an API but paused any development because of unclear legal situation with the upcoming EU copyright reform. MG does not provide data dumps. Currently it's possible for unicorn users to get a xml/json of modules and positions in their racks. I did that some time ago on user request but I am not sure if that is used by anyone so maybe that feature will also vanish eventually.