Would it be nice to have a section for gear related to modular music, but that is not a module by itself?
I am thinking of the Organelle, OP-1, Korg SQ-1 but maybe also eurorack cases.

We don't have much discussions going on here, so I am not sure if it is a good idea to add even more sections.

How about you post in Modular Discussions? If we get more activity about related gear we will add a new section an move the posts.

I can only find modules in the marketplace section - I'm wondering if there's somewhere that folks are selling cases? I'm about to dive in, and I need power and a case, but can't find any for sale on here.....Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers!

Cases aren't so much of a product that you see hundreds of case manufacturers like you do with module manufacturers. Off the top of my head, only about two dozen firms specifically making cases come to mind, making it simpler to shop for cases via the various online shops. If you tool around 5-6 of those, you'll wind up being able to comparison shop the majority of Eurorack cases and power solutions available.

Also, having a look in the Eurorack section under "power" can often provide useful clues as to who's also making other power products and, by extension, cases. Not every power supply manufacturer does, but a large percentage do have cases as part of their product lineup.

Thanks Lugia, I appreciate you taking the time to respond. Where is the "power" section? At first glance can't locate it...

It's in the module types pulldown. Just select "Power" as your module type to view.

Got it. Thanks Lugia