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The Tuesday Night Machines' Current Eurorack Modular #TTNM Eurorack View
The Tuesday Night Machines' Noise Rack #TTNM Eurorack View
The Tuesday Night Machines' 1st MU 5U Modular #TTNM MU View
The Tuesday Night Machines' PLATINE 2015 Live-Set Eurorack #TTNM Eurorack View
Bastl Instruments Rumburak "Tuesday Night Machines" Edition #TTNM Eurorack View
Klangbau Köln Rack #TTNM Eurorack View
The Tuesday Night Machines' NOISE.BERLIN 12/2016 Live-Show Rack #TTNM Eurorack View
Snazzy FX System #TTNM Eurorack View
The Tuesday Night Machines’ Best of CGS Serge Rack #TTNM Serge View

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Submitted Modules

Benjolin (Rob Hordijk) 32 HP CV ModulationLFOOscillatorRandomSample and HoldSynth Voice View
state_qVCF 8 HP FilterOscillator View
ADSR 9 HP Envelope GeneratorLFO View
Röhren VCA (Tube VCA) 8 HP MixerVCAWaveshaperTube View
Wavefolder 9 HP VCAWaveshaper View
Wavetable VCDO 14 HP DigitalDual/StereoEffectOscillator View
Twin Peak Filter (Prototype) 13 HP EffectFilterOscillator View
XR-VCO (big version) 13 HP OscillatorWaveshaper View
CV Prozessor (early version) 8 HP AttenuatorControllerCV ModulationMultiplePolarizerUtility View
RND Modul Logistische Gleichung (Analog) 6 HP Function GeneratorRandomSample and Hold View
Radio Music 4 HP DrumSampling View
Quad CV/Gate Source (DIY) 24 HP ControllerLogicMultipleQuadUtilityCV Modulation View
P-Sequencer 7 HP CV ModulationQuantizerSequencer View
Or what?! (DIY) 4 HP Logic View
CV Prozessor 8 HP AttenuatorCV ModulationPolarizerUtilityController View
24dB Filter 2 HP Filter View
Triplatt & Mr. Mult (DIY) 10 HP AttenuatorMultiple View
Switch it/Push it (DIY) 8 HP SwitchUtility View

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Benjolin (Rob Hordijk) (4), Switch it/Push it (DIY) (3), Or what?! (DIY) (3), Quad CV/Gate Source (DIY) (3) and Triplatt & Mr. Mult (DIY) (3)
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