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Av3ry, generative music & virtual per... Actually, I find that the early investigations of AI-genera… by Lugia in Modular Discussions
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Crackhome (copy) 😢 so bjutiful by mmake in Racks
20U Current - Ivo Ivanov (Glitchmachi... Wow outstanding! On par with Colin Benders and approaching… by IvoIvanov in Racks
ambient-industrial (feat. Ts-L, Mang... Hey guys, thanks for your feedback! :) by aphew_goodman in You
saturday nite techno Thanks Garfield, That sound around 3:00 was the Noise En… by sacguy71 in You
Techno Jam with Elektron Analog 4 and... Nice skill, Garfield, I am not quite that handy in build… by sacguy71 in You
Instruō µClouds And why the hell Instruō?! :D by medicineman in Modules
BRTZ Small at home You should probably worry more about whether this build is … by Lugia in Racks
Reticulating Splines - LEO Exciting @mowse, looking forward to hearing more. by troux in You