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Submitted Modules

Model 24 Heisenberg Generator 14 HP Random View
Audio I/O 1U 24 HP ExternalUtility View
Warped Circuit uPlaits 8 HP DrumOscillator View
Shapeshifter 26 HP OscillatorDual/StereoDigitalLFOWaveshaperSynth Voice View
Pachinko 12 HP RandomClock GeneratorClock ModulatorQuantizerSequencer View
Zorlon Cannon MKII 15 HP NoiseRandomDual/StereoDigitalClock Generator View
Homicide Censor 21 HP Envelope FollowerQuadMixerVCA View
Piston Honda mkII 17 HP OscillatorDigitalWaveshaperLFONoise View
Valve Multiplier 8 HP MultipleUtilityVCA View
A-171-2 8 HP Envelope GeneratorFunction GeneratorLFOOscillatorSlew Limiter View
Quad Invert 2 HP QuadPolarizerUtility View
Line-out 1U 10 HP External View
4hp Blank New 4 HP Blind Panel View
EF / Preamp 8 HP Envelope FollowerExternalPreAmp View
Boombox 20 HP External View
Brain Seed 4 HP QuantizerRandomSample and HoldSequencerCV ModulationDigitalClock Modulator View
μMod II 6 HP CV ModulationLogicRing ModulatorVCAWaveshaper View
Dubmix Mini Expander 6 HP Mixer View
A-199 8 HP EffectReverb View
Audio I/O Jacks 1U 16 HP External View
OR 2 HP Logic View
Audio Interface II 10 HP AttenuatorExternalUtility View
Jellysquasher 18 HP DynamicsEffectFilter View
Pithoprakta 16 HP Clock ModulatorRandomSequencer View
Tame Machine 14 HP QuantizerClock GeneratorClock ModulatorControllerCV ModulationSamplingSequencer View
Springray 10 HP EffectReverb View
Dubmix Aux Expander 22 HP MixerExpanderPanning View
Quad Slope 32 HP Function GeneratorQuadEnvelope Generator View
Multipass Filter 12 HP Filter View
Four Tap Delay / Dual Crossfader 22 HP DelayDual/StereoMixer View
Dual Oscillator 28 HP OscillatorDual/StereoLFO View
Selector 6 HP Switch View
CV Processor 10 HP AttenuatorPolarizerUtilityCV ModulationMixerVCA View
5-Step Voltage Source 28 HP SequencerClock GeneratorLFOClock ModulatorOscillator View
Toolbox 6 HP NoiseRandomSample and HoldSlew LimiterUtility View
16-Step Voltage Source 68 HP Sequencer View
Anti-Oscillator (Wiard a.k.a."Gargoyles" version) 14 HP Oscillator View
QRS Quad Random Source 4 HP Random View
KB MD Expander 10 HP Sequencer View
Sequential Filter 14 HP Filter View
Dual Delay 20 HP DelayDual/StereoEffect View
Spectral Processor 40 HP Envelope FollowerEqualizerFilter View
6hp blank 6 HP Blind Panel View
SSL 2610 V-Gates 10 HP RandomClock GeneratorClock Modulator View
Fonitronik mh01 12 HP Mixer View