ModularGrid Rack

So this is the second iteration of my starter rack that I have poster before. Apart from what I ideally want above I already have a mother 32 and a dfam. I produce more ambient/leftfield leaning music. I have focused on utilities ( some of them I already own and absolutely love). I have realised that I need more mixers since i end up using triplatt and tangle quartet as a mixer more than a vca. I am not firmly set on an STO as a second osc (since I like domino by eowave too even though its a little too acidy) so would love to know if there are other options that allow more modulations.

@timmy373, I can't tell how this 2nd rack is different than your first rack. I pulled up your prior post (1st rack) and the rack there and here look the same.

A few comments on what's above presently:

-- I've heard good things about Erica Black Sequencer BUT it is not quite for me. I find sequencers very deep and personal in fit (e.g. down to personal workflow and control preferences) SO I would urge anyone looking for a sequencer to shop carefully, watch some videos, browse manuals, and really consider workflow preferences. Personally I'm a huge fan of Five12 Vector sequencer.

-- I own QPAS and like it as a choice for filter to use, but I probably wouldn't go with it as my main or only filter. If I had only one "power-filter" I would choose from Morgasmatron, Rossum Linneaus, or SSF Stereo Dipole. Again, a matter of personal preference. Just wanted to highlight that there may be better "workhorse" filter choices if you're only having one in your rig.

-- Scanning the rest of the rack, I think you have a lot of good picks there. PNW, Maths, Links, Kinks, Triplatt, Battumi -- hard to go wrong with those! The 3HP expander for Batumi is nice, if you have the 3HP to spare. Bifold is great.

-- I'm not sold on MiniMod and ADDAC703 for you in this setup, though I'm not super familiar with those modules. Instead of those what about: i) something like 4ms SISM or Tiptop MISO for attenuating / offsetting CV ii) a stereo mixer like one from Doepfer (A-138s) iii) more VCAs? I see your comment above you end up using triplatt / tangle quartet more as mixers -- just adding more VCAs could give you some of what you want plus flexibility plus CV control. Intellijel Quad VCA remains a fav of mine on that front. Food for thought.

-- my biggest response / question re: above is "where's the room for future growth?" Have you considered a bigger case? If you had the exact same modules above, but in a bigger case with say 30-50% room left open (but IRL covered with blank panels to avoid accidents), then I would think "that's a pretty reasonable set of modules, he can add a few more in a couple weeks / months after he has a better idea what's underrepresented in his rig." BUT if you're committed to this size case above, then IMO it warrants a bit more scrutiny (on module selection) to get the most fun and function out of that much HP.

-- A couple last comments: as a rack, it still seems relatively heavy on sound sources, and light on utilities. Again, if you had HP left over to add modules over time, no big deal. Layout is rather scattered, but you can update that any time; I would tend to group together voicing (OSC, filters, waveshapers), CV, utilities, fx, then last line out.

So those are a few of my personal reactions to the build above. Hope to see some other forum folks chime in here soon. Good luck!

Hello Nick,
Thanks a lot for a very detailed reply. Im actually already eyeing up another case. To be honest i think i wanna get something like a 9u 208hp (which will be HUGE in comparison to what i have now). I have decides to post the first rig as a 2nd review to see if I have made any progress. I agree that it is still very light on utilities, i wanna get a slew limiter, lpg, a ladder filter, more vcas (obv) and more attenuating/verting options even though triplatt being really good is an extremely tiny module that can only do so much.

I picked the addac mixer because it fit my rig hp wise so im not fixed on it. I do have a massive issue with using my vca/attenuverter in a way thats auxillary to its main purpose which just handicaps me atm. Since also having a few stereo modules/outs I have been eyeing up a138s as well.

Sequencer wise I played around with black seq and I liked it. It felt like an elektron style seq that was more intuitive with a very simple layout. Anyways its much better than what i have now which is bloom (a nightmare to tune)

And regarding the layout.. whilst i was putting it together i pressed maximise hp button (or smth among those lines) and all my module just swapped around non sensically. I do generally follow the signal flow of ready/packaged synths.

@timmy373, glad my comments are helping.

In response to your latest post:

-- if you stick the modules above in a case with considerable extra room for a few more adds (like you mentioned) then I think the modules you've picked so far are reasonable. That said, I have the same reservations about QPAS as mentioned previously, I'm not sure it's the strongest choice for a primary filter.

-- regarding utilities, I learned a lot about these by scanning the full module lists for Doepfer, Ladik, Intellijel, Joranalogue and ADDAC. I looked for anything that wasn't a sound source, sound shaper (filter, waveshaper) or CV source, figuring those "other" modules would be mostly utilities. That gave me a good idea of other module types, and helped me think concretely about what utilities might play well in my setup.

-- when you're ready, why don't you update your draft rack IN the intended (larger) case size, make any module adds / deletes you're considering, and ask the forum for feedback what might be beneficially added / changed? Trying to leave ~25% or more empty space in your next draft rack would be advisable, if possible.