Still learning/ building out my first system. I spend a lot of time head scratching, but it's really neat when something comes together

Fun stuff with such a small system! And you're not even facilitating all your modules ;)
Keep it up

Thanks Zugga!

Pretty cool sounds and a very nice use of Pam's !
That module loves self patching I found, maybe for a next patch you can try to use one (or 2) of its output to feed one (or both) of the inputs and go to town with CV assignments ;-)
Thanks for sharing, mate !

Thanks for the suggestions Toodee! I read about a patch to do random loopable voltages (kind of like a turing machine) that I want to try soon. It does so many things!

Yes, that Turing machine thing in Pam's is nice indeed, I never use it though because I'm more used to Ornaments&Crime or Marbles for that kind of purpose, I wonder if Pam's UI is enough to make it really playable in that regard... I'll be looking forward to your video about it to find out ;-)

The patch I read about routed a potentiometer to one of the cv controls to handle the looping function iirc. Cheers!

Way cool! Nice to see you doing cool ambient stuff with a small setup. Never thought of Akemie Taiko in that way before.

Hi Molerat99,

Oh this is nice, nice long drone kind of thing :-) I love your video too, it's nice how you view into details over your modules, that's great. Nice & interesting to watch it.

Ha, ha, the end is cool: "Ending transmission" ;-)

Thanks a lot or sharing this and kind regards, Garfield.

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Thank you sacguy and Garfield, that is high praise! My plan going forward is to try and include some kind of informative aspect to my videos.