I was watching Mylar's Suggested Systems 4 (link below) and he mentioned that Emilie has accused folks of being lazy with Rings and not "exciting" it, so I sat down to mess around with that (since Rings is relatively new in my rack). This patch developed over about 10 days and I just kept adding more modulation all over everything. Probably way too much, but it was a good learning experience and a lot of fun. I thought it was a good dark ambient follow-up to How Do You Make It Let Go.

Here's the live performance recording (take 11?) with a little EQ and compression added:

Here's the patch:

And here are some notes:

Master Clock from Pamela’s New Workout

A slow sequence from Rene’s X channel is driving OSC A on the Piston Honda
The sequence is in C Dorian
Piston Honda’s Y and Z wavetable banks are being slowly modulated by Ochd
That’s going into Bionic Lester’s Filter A.
BL’s Filter A Freq is being modulated by Ochd
That’s going to the In of Rings
Rene’s X channel gate is feeding Rings’ Strum input
Rings’ Brightness and Damping are being modulated by Ochd
Rings’ Position is being modulated by RND Step
Rings is going into Mimeophon and out

That same sequence is linked on the Piston Honda to OSC B
Those wavetables are also modulated by Ochd
That’s going into Bionic Lester Filter B, who’s Freq is modulated by a Quadrax LFO
BL is going to a delay

Rene Y channel is sending a slow sequence to Plaits
The clock for that sequence is set to 75% random skip chance on PNW
Plaits’ Timbre and morph are modulated by Ochd
Plaits is going into Ripples
Ripples Freq is modulated by RND Step
Ripples is going to Quad VCA with Quadrax for envelope and then to a delay

Disting EX providing kick and hit hat
PNW driving the triggers for Disting
Hi hat is a Euclidean pattern
Hi hat is going through Polaris
Polaris freq is modulated by a Quadrax LFO
Polaris Q is modulated by RND Step being triggered by a S&H LFO from PNW
Bass and hi hat are going to X-Pan
Hi Hat pan is modulated by a Quadrax LFO

Everything is going through a Big Sky and recorded in Studio One 5

Mylar's awesome tutorial on Generative Systems:

Hi TumeniKnobs,

Interesting track with some real "deep sounds" :-) I like that! Too much modulation? Can there be really a point reached where there is too much modulation? Not for me :-) It didn't give me the impression there was too much modulation.

As always, thanks a lot for the patch details, love to read it and understand how you got to your sounds, very interesting. Thank you very much for sharing this and kind regards, Garfield.

P.S.: Nice complicated patch! :-D

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Cool track. It's like it has a point of view that is constantly moving forward.

Thats a great listen :)