Optimized for performance. Signal flow is fairly obvious, but augmented by tymkers internal patch bussing. Recently switched to the dsub version.

Most types of synthesis represented here including additive ( Odessa) and phase modulation (Gen3, Assimil8or) . No format synthesis, but z-plane is close enough. Matched thru-zero fm synthesis with 2x Rubicon^2.

Extremely varied filter choices, 12vcas, 4+ options for coloring saturation. Additional saturation from overdriving anything or z-plane.

4 envelopes + 2 function generators. I feel my envelopes are limited sometimes considering the other uses for contour 1, like pitch slewing.

Very powerful performance and creation sequencing with Vector + launchpad control.

Daisy patch is amazing and makes up for most absences along with Assimil8or’s CV sampling. Daisy Patch’s primary operation is 3 channel saturator for analog multi band crossover. Also, performance sidechainer (internally and cv sidechain envelope out to vcas), reverb, delay, and summing mixer. And whatever else I can design in max.

Case is mounted with 8, 19” racks. Metatronic bus bar distribution. Metatronic PSU, 2 power one PSUs. Custom made 22awg power cables.

Self notes 5/20/21:
Maybe get rid of clouds and get second Daisy?
Install power output to external case for doepfer mixers?
Find solution for quick release 19” brackets.
Build Euclidean sequencer for Daisy patch based off of pre-fed midi data.