First run of my Eurorack modular synthesizer.
Sounds by Benjolin, Orgone Accumulator, and Sound scaper.
Modulations by Triple Sloth, and Vortex Generator.
Reverbs and delays by Clouds, and Z5000.
(album deleted)

Hi Jihel,

Wow, I am overwhelmed with the number of great sounds and surprises you have "built-in" your tracks. Experimental but with intriguing content that make me sit at the tip of my chair can't wait for the next second to pass, the next surprise you will have. Now this is something really special and that for the start of the weekend, fantastic! :-)

Thank you very much for sharing this with us and kind regards, Garfield.

P.S.: Some little parts (some of the "fun" sounds) of your track "Low fly of drones under the clouds" reminds me of Isao Tomita! Nice :-)

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Thank You @GarfieldModular :)
...and Thx for the reference to Isao Tomita ;)