Hi all!

Im ready for another round of feedback, so here is a little pre-info

Goals with modular:
-im after generes like techno, but also ambient and experimental noises. Flirting with more drones, but not sure im ready to commit to one genre..
-Im becoming increasingly aware of how much I like to play live, so ideally I would chose modules that are good for playing live... I have to do more research on this, any leads and tips for chosing modules are deeply appreciated.

Final mixing done outside the rack; using a DFAM and analog rytm for drums. Im ready to expand my case with more HP but I absolutely need a solid setup in 208 Hp so I can travel with it.

Does this make sense? I find it difficult to decide what I need before I have actually used modules.. so any experienced feedback if this would make sense would be great.

More oscillators? More utilities? I dont have a lot of filters.. but I find the odessa can easily go without a filter. Let me know if u think I have enough mixing/attenuation, i fear im short of attenuators...?
sequencer tips for live? metropolis..or any replacement for that? I have to say for now the pico seq is great and I havent started using the ladik but if uve got a better idea, let me know.

Thanks so much to everyone!

For a starting set-up... you have a bit of redundant modules. You also have some that I would wait on purchasing.

Let's get started:
The Quadrax is a quad LFO generator. You also have the Zone BF which is a dual oscillator. I'd pick between one of the two. The Quadrax looks to have more features and more LFOs. The Zone BF is smaller. But for a starter set-up... I'd just pick one.
You can make the same argument with Veils vs. the Doepfer A-130. Having more LFOs or VCAs isn't a bad thing. But for the moment, you probably have too many.

I'd get rid of the X-Pan, the PICO sequencer, Ladiq sequencer, Quad Clock Distributor, and Sequential Switch. They aren't bad things to have. They just don't make sense for a case of this size or your level. Don't put money into them at the moment.

A couple of dedicated envelope generators would be nice. The Intellijel dual EG I would recommend. There are others. But I have wiggle time on the Intellijel.

A Pam's New Workout or a Temps Utile would cover clock and trigger sequencing. I would start with that. I believe the DFAM can take clock from PNW. The Analog Rythm has CV inputs. If they can take clock triggers from PNW then you are good to go with your two hardware instruments.

For your main sequencer, I'd do some soul searching. If you're worried about live sequencing, I would research the Make Noise Rene series and see if that works for you. A Nerd Sequencer or a custom built Weistlich Performer are also options if those types are more suited to your style. Again... it's personal style.

The Maths has two attenuverters built into it. Plus two more with slew limiters. You may want to get a couple of dedicated attenuverters as your system grows. Having a ton of open space in your case will let you move naturally to modules that are more to your future liking.

Adding in a multifunction module like an Expert Sleepers Disting EX will let you experiment with different functionality and act as a Swiss Army knife if you're missing something like a quantizer, reverb, delay, precision adder, etc.

If your mixer can handle the voltage levels from Eurorack, you should be okay. If not, you can buy a synth level to line level conversion module to help out.