I recently picked up an Eventide Blackhole pedal and wanted to try it out with something ambient, so I hooked it up to the Mother 32 and the Subharmonicon and came up with the basic track for this recording. I then grabbed a few dialog clips from a hilarious scene in a ST: Voyager episode and ran them through the Granular engine in Pigments 3.0, then the Blackhole. I added some additional accents by manually triggering MI Marbles' clock-in with a keyboard gate-out and ran it into Rings, then Typhoon (Clouds). A bass drone was added using the Subsequent 37 and riding an expression pedal that was controlling the filter cutoff. That Blackhole reverb totally makes this track. :-)

Hello TumeniKnobs,

Nice relaxed almost space kind of music, beautifully and subtly done! Indeed great reverb effect.

I am going to listen to this one more time, so nice! Thank you very much for sharing this and kind regards, Garfield.

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That was great..... I won't be alarmed ;-)

That was great..... I won't be alarmed ;-)
-- wishbonebrewery

Haha! Thanks for the comments gentlemen.

Deckard, is that you?

Getting some Blade Runner Feelings there. Very nice Track!