Hi everyone,

Just a quick message to let you know that systasis002 is now available.

You can listen through my bandcamp page and the album is also available as a limited cassette edition (20 copies). Each copy is thoughtfully packaged with a small original artwork and papercut figure - no two copies the same!

I hope that you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed creating.




Lovely track :) at least so far on Track 1 :)

Thanks, I hope that you enjoy the other tracks also. Always interested to know which ones stand out.

I let the album play in the background this morning and really liked what I heard. I'm listening more closely now and like it even more. You've got some fantastic atmospheres/textures going on and there are a ton of out-of-the-blue change-ups that are surprising and really interesting. Nice work!

Hi Systasis,

Oh wow! This is something special. I am almost kind of speechless, that great :-) Did you manage to do this by modular only or did you had help from some external devices/instruments? Either way, very impressive!

I am going for the 2nd track of your album, starts impressive too, can't wait for the rest of your album, though I am afraid I have to wait till tomorrow since it's getting here not too far off from 5 am and I still want to catch some sleep ;-) Already now at the 3rd track, can't leave this, I must hear more, less sleep then but this is great! :-)

Thank you very much for sharing such a beautiful music with us and kind regards, Garfield.

For review reports of Eurorack modules, please refer to https://garfieldmodular.net/ for PDF formatted downloads

I listened to another 4 tracks last night too, all good, ambient relaxation :)

Hi TumeniKnobs, thanks for taking the time to listen and give feedback. Much appreciated!

Hey GarfieldModular. Thanks for your kind comments.

Ha! Remember that you should be getting at least 8 hours sleep a night for good health ;)

All of the tracks are recorded live on my modular in one take. I like the challenge of seeing what the synth can do as a stand alone entity and capturing a performance. You can see my modular here: ModularGrid Rack
The only external device I have is a Strymon Volante delay pedal (which I love!)

Best wishes and sweet dreams

Hi Systasis,

Great, thanks a lot for the details and the rack overview, looks great to me :-)

How do you like the Filter 8 from Joranalogue? I don't have any modules from this brand and I was thinking of perhaps that Filter 8 or another module from them, is it worth the investment?

3 am and I still want to work on a review report... Thank you, good night too ;-) Kind regards, Garfield.

For review reports of Eurorack modules, please refer to https://garfieldmodular.net/ for PDF formatted downloads

Hey GarfieldModular,

The Filter 8 is fantastic! It sounds great and is a versatile module with it's filter, VCO and LFO capabilities. The build quality is very good also - highly recommended. I would like a Joranalogue Generate 3 at some point.