Just a mellow filtered thing....

There might be a couple of mins of Silence at the start of this as the audio capture didn't start in OBS.
Second patch with Acidrain Chainsaw, heading through HNVCF and Omsonic FLF on separate channels going into Monsoon Clouds and I've got the Rebach VCF-AB being fed some noise and self resonating with the Befaco Burst plucking and envelope ratchet triggers.
I literally just found the most simple fun too, Noise out of the Disting, into a VCA then into a Channel of the ADDAC103 and ride the 103 as a filter with the VCA for all manner of lovely blippy sweepy grunge from a simple noise source :) then thru the Pico DSP.

Wow. This is beautiful. Gives me Yamaha CS80/Blade Runner vibes.
I'm now regretting selling my Chainsaw. Unfortunately, I never got around to using it as creatively as you. You're inspiring me to consider trying it out again.
Keep sharing!

Thanks :) This was certainly a fun patch.... fairly sure the Moon Phase filter from Patching Panda might be my next DIY build to compliment the Chainsaw & ST Modular SVCA (though the latter is a weird VCA, quirky is probably the best description).

Hi Wishbonebrewery,

Yes this is a lovely, nice, long jam :-) So beautiful and relaxed, music like this I could hear all day long!

Makes me think about getting a Chainsaw too :-) I put it on my wish list. Thanks for this great demo of the Chainsaw :-) Kind regards, Garfield.

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Thanks GfM :) This started out as some background sound at first and was very easy listening.