dear modular grid community!
I need some advice for my last module I want to add to my system (right now).

this is my current system:
ModularGrid Rack

I think that my pamelas new workout and my new nerdseq are a little redundant, especially for my little system I want to build. I guess I will trade my pamelas for a new sound source.

Just some information on what I'm doing or want to do in the future: these are some examples I sequenced with pamelas:

I was happy with it for quite some time, but I wanted more control and keep some randomness in my sequences. this is where the nerdseq came in. it's probable a little overkill but in the end besides the supreme sequencer capabilities I got a lot of modulation outputs (lfos, envelopes), a sample player + basic digital oscillator voices. I'm planning something in between ambient / electronica music production (complete without the computer).

I'm fairly new to the modular world, and my current feeling is a need for a new voice / oscillator. There is the disting ex and I use it a lot for all kind of sound sources, but I also want the other functions of it as well (you know what I mean?). I sometimes use the filter 8 for oscillator, but then I don't have a proper filter. That are my thoughts right now. I'm currently looking at the make noise telharmonic, sto or intellijel dixie. I don't want to spend more than €250 (used) - maybe a little more. are there any other good sound sources you think are out there that would my system pretty well? If you have some other recommendation I should consider as well, please let me know! :-)

I appreciate your help a lot!

Get a complex oscillator like Instruo CS-l, Rossum Trident or Furtherrr Generator.

While a complex oscillator would offer a lot of variety, I would say that Dixie II+ is a good choice for an analog oscillator within your price range.

Don't forget to consider the Make Noise - STO module, great little VCO that's easily to be under estimated and it's affordable.

For review reports of Eurorack modules, please refer to for PDF formatted downloads

Smallest and most basic complex VCO: While it's missing a few controls you'll find on other complex VCOs, it's still very capable with its internal ring mod, plus you can use other modules to get deeper into the complex oscillator mojo...linear VCAs + an envelope source = oscillator signal that can rise after the note-on to alter the timbre across the sound's attack when you feed the audible oscillator the other oscillator's signal into the FM input.

Also, it's exactly $250...fits your budget perfectly.

Pretty impressed with the ADDAC701 VCO. Covers the analog realm well, similar to the Dixie or the MN STO, for a reasonable ~$200. You have Plaits for lots of sounds. A complex osc is pretty high-end, big and expensive. I've added a doepfer A-114 Ring Mod + Happy Nerding FM Aid for some RM & FM sounds (using basic VCOs like the 701). Another interesting one is the Instruo tona, which has a wavefolder built in. You can also add a separate wavefolder module to a basic VCO, of course. There's E350/E352 for wavetables, NE Loquelic Iteritas for gnarly modulate-able digital sounds. Something really nice about the STO/Dixie/701/tona + something else (wavefolder, RM, FM, etc.) to get some solid analog sounds. Otherwise, I spent my energy on VCFs and modulation.

I think Lugia's recommendation is great. You're getting two analog oscillators for $250. Being able to sync your oscillators is nice for that lead synth sound among others. Dual oscillators also allow for that "fat" sound via detuning or stacking at octaves, 5ths, etc.

Each VCO can also operate at LFO speeds so you'll have lots of options. Now I'm thinking about it.

hello, thank you all for the kind replies!
I'm thinking about adding a complex oscillator like the void modular one. I also stumbled upon the joranalogue generate 3 and the 4ms ensemble oscillator. what do you think about those two?

I tried to build a rack around the 4ms ensemble oscillator: ModularGrid Rack
I've never had a bigger system like the one I posted above. therefore, I'm not sure if the one I build has everything I will need.

again, thanks for your help!