Love the look of this. ♥️ I really like Mylar's idea of double Grids. Do you find yourself using both? How're the Soundforce modules treating you?

I don’t see Rings here but think he uses the double Grids for drum sequencing.

Oh good call! Shoudn't look on MG after being outside all day. x3 Edited to fix. I like the idea of double Grids for drums, and I wonder if someone's made a DIY double Grids.

Hi ThiccMomSwag,

I visited last week the Superbooth and there I heard someone "fiddling" with a set of SoundForce modules, oh my goodness, what a serious good sound came out of those modules! Beside the modules themselves delivering a good sound another reason why it sounded so good was the fact that they had each four of it: four DCOs, four filters and four VCAs but a hell of a good sound!

I don't have any SoundForce modules myself yet but after this demo I am seriously thinking about it. Kind regards, Garfield.

For review reports of Eurorack modules, please refer to for PDF formatted downloads

Oh wow, sounds like the four-voice unison Juno of our dreams. :3 I'll give them a look online, thanks so much for the heads up! The other variant of a Juno-esque voice I was looking at was the Winterbloom Castor and Pollux. Gorgeous looking module, to boot.