This patch is featuring the new Poly Ecxiter algorithm on the Disting Ex. Also starring were Instruo Ts-L and Plonk. More details in the video description.

Hi Gabor,

Nice to see and hear a video from you again with your OP-1, it will be for me always a kind of nice little miracle-device :-)

He, he, those sounds in the last half minute or so, are cool, especially when it get distorted :-)

The device in the right bottom corner of your rack, is that the Make Noise René? Thanks a lot for sharing this with us and kind regards, Garfield.

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Thanks for sharing this...I just got a Disting EX last week and very interested to try the poly exciter...can you explain more about how you are using that in this piece?

Also love that you have a Ts-L because I just ordered one which will be here next week :)


@garfieldmodular - thank you! Yes, that’s the René mk1 in the bottom row :)

@jb61264 - the Disting Ex is starting to be capable of too many things so I’m thinking of getting another one or maybe two some point :) But seriously, I’d want one for drums alone, another one for everything poly, and a third one for utilities. One day :)
As for the new Poly Exciter algo., in this patch I used one of the built-in tables (sqr wave) as the base and patched the Alizon Devices APC Theremini’s audio out to input 5 on the Ex which I set in the algo’s menu to ‘external exciter’ - when the clean sound is getting distorted, the external exciting is happening. This is where the whole thing gets experimental and I like that a lot. The other three mod inputs (I used the default settings like tone, pressure..) were fed with Rungler output signals from the Benjolin. Modding Poly Exciter, as far as I can hear, can get you to interesing territories.
In this patch the Ex’s L-R stereo outs were patched into the Mimeophon and the Erbe-Verb. Pitch CV and gate to the Ex were arriving from the OP-1, via MI Yarns. In order to be able to fully use the Poly Exciter, you need to copy the exciter table(s) to the SD card - one is available through the Expert Sleepers website, in case you haven’t yet gotten that. There’s a way to create exciter tables/folders but that’s too complicated for me so I work with what’a been available by Expert Sleepers.