this is my "classic" live setup pre-pandemic. arranged as id have them (tho the big muff was usually on the floor not the board)

i used this setup for several years. a few things came and went (and the attack-decay was really only added around 2018, the T2 around 2016) but this basic setup (multiple reverse delays and multiple reverbs) goes back to about 2010 - the signal chain splits at the DD6 - the signal splits again at the RV3 and i use three amps. the tremster was only used when i couldnt use my Gretsch amp with built-in tremolo.

before the big muff, i used the distortion in my Marschall (and line-out'd to a bass amp) - that was (1) signal. signal (2) and (3) went to the fender (its a 2x12). but when i switched to my gretsch (also a 2x12), i started using the big muff. i kept the big muff last since that's what i was used to using the Marschall's amp distortion.

once using the gretsch, i ran signals (1)-DD6-A/RV3-A/BMuff and (2)-DD6-A/RV3-B to the fender (pre out to the bass amp) and the gretsch got signal (3) - DD6-B/DD5/trem)

i dont use effects loops in the amps

both the DD5 and DD6 live on reverse delay - the DD6 ping pongs the delays from L-R - i generally had the RV3 on settings 3 or 4 which is a kind of pulse delay/reverb; mostly kept it on a short echo with a longish decay. The DD5 can adjust the delay time similar to an analog delay (doesnt make the zipper rip). i constantly changed the T2 settings based on the song etc...

i mean no settings stayed the same once i got going.

the boing is my "always on" but i didnt realize how insane it sucks volume (!) until i got it in the studio. my live setup is so loud anyway it didn't make a difference.

i use a tuned down gretsch jet solid body guitar and perform by myself. ambient solo doom. i had a cellist for a few months a few years ago, which was amazing

the whole things is very trippy and loud af

an algorithm you will never understand decides what music you listen to