one of my latest uploads and my first post here...hope you like it:)

Patch Notes:
- DFAM is used as Main Clock
- 4 Voices from Subharmonicon are going through Doepfers sequential switch into the external input of DFAM
- DFAMs velocity output controls the steps of Doepfers sequential switch
- Subharmonicon is going to Koma Elektronik Field Kit FX for slightly distortion and some delay
- Cre8audios Chips is sending a LFO (more like S&H) to the filters of Subharmonicon, Crave and Ripples (which is used for Plaits)
- Crave is running an arpeggiator, oscillator frequency is detuned with internal LFO
- Plaits receives some random notes from Pamela’s New Workout
- Volca Keys plays a chord only on step one, so it's a kind of a loop
- Boss RE20 and RV6 used as send effects

Hi Audhentik,

Wow, that's a great nice little track! So beautiful played, nice relaxed yet intriguing!

I hope you post more jams and I can't wait for it to listen at them! Thank you very much for sharing this with us and kind regards, Garfield.

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Hi Garfield,
many thanks for your feedback, really appreciate it! i've already uploaded more jams on my youtube channel and will pick out some of them which are worth sharing here:)

Yeah, I agree with Garfield, a lovely relaxed piece :)