Guess whose tune is first?!?

Hi Funbun,

Ha, ha, it's you! :-D

Nice track you made for this compilation album and quite different from your usual (video) music :-) I wouldn't mind to hear more from you in this style. Thank you very much for sharing this with us and kind regards, Garfield.

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Thanks! I forgot to add patch notes for this track. This is the kind of patch I've been building toward since I started with modular synths. Once I learn about generative music, I knew that I could make a single voice play a solo much like a jazz musician improvised over chord changes. I don't do chord changes, per se. I do modal music, using minimal composition methods developed by the likes of Steve Reich, Terry Riley. Miles Davis and John Coltrane cover the modal side of things.

For this track I had been listening to Turkish bagpipe music, the tulum. Phrygia being a region of ancient Turkey/Asia Minor. Smidgeon meaning small. Smidgen Phrygian means small, Turkish bagpiper. It's also played in Phrygian mode. Unfortunately I'm stuck with the western-tempered scale until Ornament and Crime are ported to AE Modular. Than I can play the proper temperaments and scales.

It's has taken all this time to acquire all the modules needed to play in this style. For the longest time the AE Modular didn't even have a quantizer, switches, trigger delay, Turing machine, etc.

Vital to this patch is the rbss-random bit shift sequencer. A sort of digital rendition of the Turing machine. Those random control voltages are attenuated, then quantized. That makes for the solo voice.

The "under structure," the minimalist texture supporting the solo voice, is handled by basic 16 and 8 step linear sequencers.

Accents and harmonics are handled by beat dividers and the trigger processor called TRIP.

Hey @funbun,

Very interesting piece, thanks for the patch notes !

I'd say you could pat yourself on the back for this one, I feel like "electronic middle-eastern jazz" would be a good description of the vibes I got out of it so you scored very close to your original goal/influence. I have to say that in general, I like how you orchestrate your pieces, the interplay between the different voices is something you do really well.

Looking forward to more content from you !

Take care (@GarfieldModular too),

Hi Diego,

Thank you! :-) By the way, long time haven't heard any demo or jam from you! I hope on a modular level all is fine? Kind regards, Garfield.

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Hey @GarfieldModular
All is fine - I'll send you a PM so this thread can remain about funbun's amazing music ;-)

Speaking of which, if people do some clicks on his Youtube, they may end up watching interesting videos with a super cool music background and a real talent for photography, like this one: