Hi, folks.

I've been working on a smaller, more approachable (read: cheaper) rack design. I'm aiming for generative ambient this time. Here's what I came up with.

How can I improve this design?


Most of the issues I ran into were simply organizational. Only two modules got pulled out altogether, the Links (use inline mults and/or stackcables instead) and the Endorphin multi-FX. Some others were swapped for better options. So...
ModularGrid Rack
It's a little different. For one thing, I moved the Veils to the post-VCO position so that you can put their levels under CV control, and this allows for the Veils' "breakable" architecture to be more useful here. Filters and VCOs were grouped for organization, and post-VCF, you've got a Frequency Central Volts Platz...a four-channel mixer with waveshaping/distortion. Next are your FX, then I swapped the original Erica mixer for their Drum Stereo Mixer...which is mostly the same as the other, but this offers some autopanning capabilities and a limiter. Then this outputs to the Happy Nerding Isolator, to give you some protection against ground loops and noise while adding some saturatable "iron" in the output courtesy of the module's transformers.

Bottom row was mainly reorganized along the lines above, to group various modules according to function. The center "manipulation" section also now has your modulation VCAs grouped with the attenuverter so that if you need some inversion, you've got that there, and the offsets can also be sent to the two VCA modules as bias voltages. Other than that, nothing new there.

Overall, it's a damn solid build. There was very little to do here other than to suggest the module swaps indicated and to get the signal flow to be less convoluted. Nice!

ModularGrid Rack

I just found Melotus Versio, NE's new granular processor, and swapped it for Beads. After swapping out Ripples for the MCF, I was able to add SSF's Toolbox.

What do you think?

Okay, after thinking about it for a bit, I realized that the MV doesn't have attenurandomizers or a built-in reverb. I just might want that.