In this patch all the 6 identity ouputs of Just Friends are connected to the Matrix Mixer running on Disting Ex, then routed on to various destinations. Beats by Plonk. Some
more info in the video description.

Hi Gabor,

Great experimental track with a lovely ping-pong sound just before 1 minute that kicks in :-)

After all these years it's still a pleasure to see your setup together with the OP-1, nice set that is together! It's amazing what one can do with the OP-1.

Thank you very much for sharing this with us and kind regards, Garfield.

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Hi there,
That is a very cool jam and setup! I subbed to your YT channel. Love the setup with Rene and the OP-1.
One question: how are you clocking the modular from the OP-1 synthesizer? The reason for my question is that I have an OP-1 on order to use with modular and portable jams. Like how to clock modular in sync with the OP-1? I have wanted an OP-1 for a long time since NIN and Depeche Mode use them and they also have tons of modular and synths plus runs batteries and portable.

Thanks for your feedback, guys! :)

@sacguy71 the OP-1 is connected to an iConnectMIDI2 interface, which is connected to the Mutable Instrument Yarns MIDI-to-CV module. From
Yarns I can go on with pitch CV and gates anywhere. So you’ll
need at least one interface between the OP-1 and your rack (there may be modules with USB MIDI-to-CV capabilities) but possibly two, like in my case. I normally use the OP-1 as the master clock source. Hope this helps.

Wow, another nice track with some really well modeled sounds. I'm still finding inspiration from "treno" which you posted a couple months ago.

All the best.

I won't sleep tonight now after the sensory deprivation ;-)

Good stuff, interesting stuff, I would love to hear a beat-driven version.

So cool! Amazing stuff @aphew_goodman.

Thank you for the feedback everyone :)

oh yes, looks like a lot of fun! very nice patch and performance swell:)

Thank you! :)