I'm thinking this rack as a drone-y, noise-y a very sacrilegious inspiration of the Buchla Easel.

ModularGrid Rack

The MI Elements an the Quadrax with the athru are the main sound sources/shapers here, with the Quadrax acting as a complex voice and modulation. The veils acts as a cv mixer/vca. Following that is a bank of lpgs with the Bizarre Jezebel being the more unruly one of the two.

Below that there is a ton of sequencing and modulation with Pam's the Varigate, Maths, Stages and the ochd. The NLC Helvetica Scenario is a twin source of uncertainty with the uOC acting mostly for more modulation and some sequencing.

For FX Ive got the AFA Coma Reactor as a really wild distortion and which likes to misbehave along with MI Beads to process internal/ external sounds and the NE Desmodius Versio acting as a reverb though I'm also fairly interested in the alternate firmware especially the 12 tap delay. These modules along with the chloe can be patched in feedback loops as most of them are stereo (The Coma Reactor has send/return IO)

Apart from that I'm thinking of the steppy and the Laspus os are some more performative elements to the rack along with the 0 ctrl for some oddball external sequencing.

Thank you!

Nice...the only thing that immediately comes to mind here is that the buffered mults aren't necessary. There's not enough CV destinations to justify them, and in something this small you'll want to use stackcables or inline mults instead. However, what I would suggest as a substitute is, as far as reverb goes, the sort of thing that fits into a Buchla-esque rig that's got tiles: https://www.modulargrid.net/e/intellijel-multi-fx-1u It gives you a mono-in/stereo-out processor that does reverb, chorus, and delay. Chorus isn't so Buchla-y, but the other two...yeah.