Recorded on a single take, no pre-recorded loops, all the sounds are being generated by the modular.

- Fender Rhodes Stage 73 mk2 amped by Ears is playing chords and melodies.
- Calsynth Rangoon is doing the pads, controlled by Doboz XIIO.
- Instruo Ts-l + Eowave Titan Oscillator through Serpens Sirius into Patching Panda Punch v3 doing bassline.
- 4ms Ensemble Oscillator through Bizarre Jezebel Pkhia into Mimeophon as background strings and weird sounds.

- White Noise from ADDAC 215 through Super VCAs as snare.
- Erica Pico Drums as bass drum.

- Doboz XIIO sampled by Clank Chaos are sequencing the 3 melodic voices.
- Clank Chaos as clock divider and gate generator, into XODES LB5 to sequence drum voices.
- Mutable Instruments Stages as envelope generator and LFOs
- Instruo Ochd as LFOs
- Pressure Points as manual CV modulation

- Acid Rain Switchblade as CV controller switch.
- joeSeggiola's Nearness as panning sub-mixer.
- Cosmotronic Cosmix as mixer, using Dreadbox Splash as send reverb.
- Music Thing Startup as final mixer.

Oh man there's just so much good stuff going on here. That bass sounds so fat and lush. It's like a musical chocolate roll.
Controlled chaos, and so much dynamic and timbral range. Beautiful interaction with the piano.
Tremendous performance! I really enjoyed listening. Thanks for sharing.

hey ryanthegecko! thanks for the awesome feedback! I appreciate your interest, you can check other jams on my YT channel and subscribe because I'll keep making them :) what was your favourite part?

Nice! You have a new subscriber. My favourite part for sure is around 5:40 where you hear the two bass sounds slow and separate. Then when they come together again you can really appreciate how they are complimentary to each other when combined. I also like the times when the chaotic swells build up and then cut out to the smooth piano sound. Constantly surprising, but not in a jarring way, just keeping my ears happily engaged.
I look forward to hearing more of your work.
Best, Ryan