I have been in this world for over 1.5 years, and I feel like what excites me the most is the generative music, so I am preparing a rack - 104 hp 7u -, based on some modules I already have (marked with an *) plus some new modules to come.

alt text.

This is my idea (some modules can be in more than one category):

  • Voices: Qu-Bit Surface*, Endorphines Furthrrr*, Rings (mainly for its input), Kickall* (for some synced - not generative BD);
  • Sequencing: Qu-Bit Bloom as main sequencer, Steppy* for triggers, and Digitalis* can also be used;
  • Modulation: MI Stages, Mimetic Digitalis*, Maths*, Deeper A-145-4*;
  • Utilities: Maths*, Disting MK4*, Veils x2 (or other Quad VCA of that size), Dual ADSR, Clock Divider, Sequential Switch, Steppy*, Noise Tools*, Several Mults;
  • Filtering: QPAS, Viol Ruina*;
  • Effects: Beads, Disting MK4*;
  • Mixing: Quadratt *;
  • In-Out: Intellijel Line In Out*.

Thoughts? I feel like I might lack some extra effects, specially when I use the Disting for other purposes, but any suggestion of type of modules or specific modules for this type of music is more than welcome.

Thank you all for your time and help!

I'm just here to state the obvious... Hope you don't mind :)
You might not need to take up 8hp with Passive mults unless you really don't want to use Stackables or 0hp floating mults, I have 1x 4hp 4x4x4 Manhattan Analogue passive mult and thats usually more than I need.

Agreed on the mults. Veils x2 might be overkill, consider replacing one with a 3xMIA or similar. You might want a quantizer.

You have made EXCELLENT choices. My feedback:
Voices: Qu-Bit Surface--I use this all the time, and like it much more than Rings, but I love Rings also. The 2HP Pluck is also incredible, but only does one model (Rings has 3 and Surface has 5)
Sequencing: Qu-Bit Bloom--my favorite sequencer--2 tracks of up to 32 steps each, with variations.
MI Stages--fantastic, love it!
Utilities: Maths*, Disting MK4--yes, and yes. I also highly recommend Ornament & Crime, which does different functions than Disting, especially if you use the Hemispheres Suite alternative firmware.
Mults--I would recommend one or two buffered mults in 2 HP--put in the middle of the two 3U rows. I configure my cases with two 1U buffered mult tiles at the extreme R and L of the 1U row, and than one 2HP buff mult in the middle of the bottom 3U row, so I'm never patching far away from one. Don't waste HP with passive mults.
Effects: Beads--YES, or a 8HP version of Clouds--I love them both.
Mixing: Quadratt--I use Quadratt for attenuation of audio or CV, and use Mixup to mix up to 4 tracks (2 mono, 2 stereo) to the 1/4" stereo outs that are built into the side or back of my cases. Thank you for reminding me that it can serve as a mixer!
In-Out: Intellijel Line In Out
--YES, or use Mixup or something like it.

Well done. Get just one Veils, and then see what you need as you patch. Enjoy!

+1 on dumping the mults. When you've got smaller builds like this, the better strategy is to use inline mult widgets or stackcables. And with the space, you can drop in another 4 hp per row. So, down in the bottom row, I'd recommend a Ladik J-120 comparator. This module will let you generate gates depending on the voltage level it's reading, so you can use that modulation-derived gate to fire off other processes in the patch, which is super-useful in generative patches. And up top, Konstant Labs has their Baxandall EQ module that'll be super-useful at the very end of the audio chain for "sweetening" the modular's output just before it goes to the output tile.

DO keep the second set of Veils, however. I can see one immediate use for it with the Doepfer Quad LFO, feeding an LFO to each VCA and then firing off the VCAs with some sawtooth wave LFOs or envelope generators. That way, you get level control over those LFOs which the Veils can then sum to give you some VERY complex modulation curves. And there's more than that, as well.

Otherwise, TOUCH NOTHING!!! Aside of the multiples issue, everything here is SPOT-ON. The module order is kinda in need of streamlining, but I wouldn't change any of the modules themselves. You did it right!