2hp Pluck is the only sound source used in this patch.
CV:s from 2hp EG, 2hp TM and one LFO are mixed in Veils modulated with LFO:s and sent to 2hp Tune playing a harmonic minor scale sent to Pluck v/oct. And then some delay and reverb.

Very cool track Rookie, Nicely done!

Wow! So expressive. Beautiful runs and trills. You are seriously squeezing the maximum feeling and tone from that Pluck.
Thanks for sharing.

Thank you cmb and ryanthegecko for nice comments!
I was surprised that one single oscillator could sound like this.


As they say,... it's not the size of the sound source, but the motion of the (modulation/effects) ocean. Well done.

'Chasing After Monsters with a Butterfly Net'

Very cool...love the setup! I have a Rackbrute 6U with a Minibrute2 (not 2S like you)...have a link to your Rackbrute setup?


Thank you OLDAN, vow311 and jb61264 for your comments.
Minibrute 2 and Rackbrute 6U is a perfect combo for me. Of cource it would be nice with a larger rack when I realize that I need a new specific module for a new patch idea. But I have found out that I often can get close to that modules function by clever combinations of the utility modules that I actually have.
For me the most valuable modules are Marbles, Plaits and Maths.
Here is my setup:
ModularGrid Rack