Hi there, I dont get my head around this and need some help with my PH MK3, I dont actually understand to add the customized wavetables that I do myself and also download at waveedit to the SD card, do they have to be marked 1-8 in the SD card? Because when i add the wavetables it doesnt show up on my module,

thanks again

Have you named the files as per manual instructions? I'm getting this module soon so following this topic for eventual future troubleshooting.

Hi, Yes I did. Super strange, lovely module though, you will not be dissapointed.

The 8 files have to be named "1.wav" to "8.wav" and be in the root folder of your SD card. Each file should be 32 kbyte.
I never had anything else on the SD card, and it always worked without a problem. You can also try a different SD card.