ModularGrid Rack

Hi everyone,

This is my first post and visit to this site. I was directed here after I bought a few modules last week to start exploring modular stuff. My day job is a sound designer, but I pretty much exclusively build everything and process field recordings on a laptop.
I want to start performing and writing new music on my new modular instrument and I like the separation it creates between my art and day to day work.

I currently combine field recordings with ambient guitar/drones/pedals, I also have an iPad running borderlands and an OP1.
I'm looking to try and build a rack that'll work to capture and manipulate found sounds, build up lush atmospherics, yet still maintain upbeat, almost naive melodies/cute tones I quite often try and keep in.

I have a mother 32 for pretty vanilla stuff, but hope I can make use of it's patchbay to try some more experimental things. I love clouds and that's what really swung me into getting into modular. The dual looper is a bit of an experiment. I was searching for something that would allow me to capture and layer drones and textures. I think I still need a bit more time to figure this out.

The Tempi, to be honest was a bit of a last minute experiment with trying to get a clock divider in to help shape rhythms of things. After playing with the dual looper though, I haven't really found a good use for this yet. I still plan and have budget to get a couple more modules though, but would appreciate any help or ideas that could help me explore both my current set up, or any recommendations for missing modules.

My first patch/plan I want to create is a simple soft whimsical evolving drone I can leave in the room as part of an art installation I'm doing in a few weeks time.



Man this stuff is like crack! I thought people were being dramatic.

Just added rings and an oplab to the mix for some lovely sequencing and melodic work! :)