i am another noob in Eurorack-Wonderland and have started this journey with a Moog Mother and some Modules, that i have bought the last weeks in a more chaotic way then well considered. I have a lot of fun learning and playing with my actual system (btw. the Bastl Knit Rider, Bastl Mixer and the MI Yarns are on the way, i will receive them in the next days):

ModularGrid Rack

Now i am too confused with all the possibilities to make a decision for the next modules. I know, you will say it depends in which direction i wanna go with my system. But thats the problem, it is not really clear :-)
Mostly i start my songs on guitar and than i arrange them in my DAW (Cubase) with the VSTi´s. Since i have the modular i recognize that the patches/sounds inspires me from the "other" side.

My first consideration was to have a better network between the DAW and the modular. Therefore i bought a used MI Yarns . Now i need something for connecting the Audio for processing and mhh, getting informations from it. Maybe something like the Doepfer A-119 (Audio in and Envelope follower).
Next idea was to add a different VCO (maybe a wavetable-VCO) to expand the sound-palette auf the Modular.
And at last an utility that expands the possibilities of the modules i have. But i dont know where to go. More ADSR? LFO? Attenuator? VCA?

It´s clear, nobody can tell me where i have to go. But i would be glad about every suggestions.
My budget for new modules at the moment is around 600 €.
I don´t know if it´s interessting what my musical influences are. But from a more "electronic" side of what i like, there are Bands/Projects like Legendary Pink Dots, Coil, Nurse With Wound, The Notwist..... ahhh, i guess that leads to nothing :-) I also like some Simon & Garfunkel Songs :-)

Thanks for your suggestions in advance and sorry for my rusty english.

Maybe a random, lpg, and a quantizer.

Mhhh, random was not on my radar yet. Could be an interessting direction for experimentations. You mean something like a Wooglebug? LPG is abolutely new for me, i have to research what this is :-).

There are coming a few thoughts while i am staring out of the window instead of doing my daily job.
The Moog Mother is not really a part of my Modular. Mostly i use it just as a midi-interface, very seldom as an additional voice. So time will tell, if i will sell it in the future. With my intention to get rid of the Doepfer A-110-4 QZVCO i think i need a new VCO with a wide range of sounds (MI Braids, Erica Black Wavetable VCO, E350, Piston Honda, puhhhhhh, don´t know).

Another idea is to change the A-141-2 VCADSR with a MI Peaks. I thought, that with Maths and Peaks i have quite enough variations for modulation for the moment.

Ahh, and i found the XAOC Sewastopol, seams better as the Doepfer A-119 for integration of audio. But more expensive.

So many possibilities. Could someone choose for me, please? hahaha