Hi all --

I'm planning my first Eurorack - it's going to take a while before I can afford it - and I'd love to get some feedback. I got hooked on synths in high school (the ARP 2600 was new then) and I've waited a long time to give in to the craving.

Some comments/questions:
* I'm assuming I'll get a Doepfer case despite the cost just so I don't have to worry about power issues. Any alternatives come to mind? I could build a case but I'm concerned about getting the power supply wrong.
* I'm not a performer and I don't need a MIDI interface. My primary interest is experimenting with sound design. One thing I would like to try is using external sounds as both audio and cv. However, I'm not sure how best to do that. Envelope follower?
* The STE 16 LFO is the only digital module in the system. It looks interesting for modulation but I'm not sure it makes sense as a clock source. I've included a basic Doepfer LFO just to be sure ... and I wonder if the STE 16 isn't overkill.
* Output will be recorded onto a Mac - probably just Garage Band although one of my kids is saving up for Logic Pro.

Thanks in advance for any insight.

Hi Ronbo!

I've used my modular for drum processing a ton. While you don't NEED an envelope follower, they're really, really useful. The other thing that's useful in that situation is buffered mults. The ones in your rack are unbuffered, which could cause signal level drops. Depending on how you're getting signal from outside your modular into your modular, you might need an input module too (the Doepfer A-119 is both an envelope follower and an external input). The other comment I have is that you have two oscs and three LPFs. Unless you're just in love with the LPF sound, I'd encourage you to consider at least one multimode filter (like Intellijel's Polaris). Often times they have one out per mode, so you get more audio to do fun things with.

Have fun!