ModularGrid Rack

I've been designing and building stompboxes for years. Just got hooked on eurorack this year and have been having a blast with this little setup. It's not just a layout plan. It exists in real life and, so far, I've just been recording and jamming with it on my own. I haven't quite figured out how to incorporate it into the live band situation, yet. For one thing, it feels like it takes me too long to set up and change patches. Maybe I just need more practice? Anyway...

I sort of think of it as a percussion skiff. My goal with this skiff is to create rhythmic, melodic backbones and soundscapes that I can add acoustic instruments to (i.e. hand percussion, bass, guitar, keys, etc...), occasionally vocals, too.

I am trying to keep it relatively compact. But all the comments here about difficulties with too many small 2hp or 3hp modules make a lot of sense. I happen to only have one 2hp module (div) but I find it really useful and use it in almost everything.

The TAPLFO and the PLVXf are units that I designed and built myself. The PLVXf is a Polivoks VCF clone based on the freely available schematics on the web and I like it a lot. The TAPLFO is based on the Electric Druid TAPLFO3c chip ( and has a lot of nice options, but maybe a few too many. I am thinking that a more compact redesign of the TAPLFO might be in order.

For some randomness, I used to have an Erica Synths Swamp (Wogglebug clone) installed but took it out to make space for the filters I now have (Zlob SVF, PLVXf, and SSM2044 - I am also working on an EDP Wasp clone that will be the same size as the PLVXf). I am now trying out the Zlob Diode Chaos to replace the Swamp and save a lot of space. But I think I might still be looking for a random module that suits me better.

As for sequencers... what I like about the Baby8 is that it has both gates and CV. With the individual gate outputs for each step, you can trigger up to 8 different things. What I don't like about it is that consecutive gate outputs do not trigger independently. They just make one long gate and only trigger once. So, I am looking into replacing the Baby8 with an Intellijel Steppy. Four tracks of gates but no CV. But I do have a Korg SQ-1 for CV sequencing. I'll see how it goes.

I really like having a delay in the rack, but could maybe go with something smaller. Suggestions?

Feels like I've already written too much. So, I'll leave it there, for now. Again, I only got started on this within the past year but I am having a blast figuring things out. So, thought, comments, suggestions are very welcome!