i would like to get some input/different look on my setup...i want to buy the metropolis seq. in the near future and would like to know if i miss something essential in my 2 boxes. . . .
(ps: i will replace the doepfer vco at some time. . . )
ModularGrid Rack

ModularGrid Rack

(music i like: jim o rourke, sam prekop, eliane radigue (literally everything from the grm circle).. . .

It's discontinued now, but Warps from Mutable Instruments is a useful wave folder/ring mod/crossfader/TZFM thing (further expanded with the Parasites firmware.) I'm not always crazy about digital modules or remembering modes and that kind of thing, but I've found Warps to be pretty darn useful. You might find something like that valuable in 10hp.
Also, shout out to Sam Prekop! I'm a huge fan of all of his and John McEntire's projects.
Good luck and have fun.

thanks for your response farkas,

i might find time next week to get more in detail about the system and for what im aiming for... .