Howdy folks! I recently reorganized the entire rack and added a few new modules. I wanted to make a big, multi-part patch and try out new gear and techniques and this is what came out. It's pretty dense and manic, just how I like it. ;-) This is a live performance recording and was captured in one take after rehearsing it a few times. Enjoy!

Rough patch notes:

Polaris - Filtering hats 1
Rampage - Modulating Blades
Plaits 1 - Arpeggios
Ripples - Filtering hats 2
Sloths - Modulating Rings
Maths - Modulating Plaits 2
Roland 531 - Mixing VPME QD
Marbles - Gating hats 1 and 2
VPME QD - Kick and Hats 1 and 2
Rings - Lead line
Matrix Mixer - Mixing Kermit
IME Kermit - Modulating Ripples
PNW - Gating VPME QD Kick
Brenso - Pluck line
Blades - Filtering Brenso
Plaits 2 - Bass line 1
100 Grit - Filtering Plaits 2
XPO - Bass line 2
Mimeophon - Delaying Plaits 1 Triple Time arpeggio
FRS - Gating Kick drum patterns
PPW - Master clocks
Sequential Switch - switching kick patterns
Tides - Modulating XPO and Plaits 2
Nautilus - Delaying Brenso plucks
Chronoblob 2 - Delaying Rings
Starlab - Reverting drums and bass line 1
Stochastic Inspiration Generator - Sequencing Brenso plucks and Rings lead line
Rene 2 - Sequencing Bass line 1 and 2
Keystep Pro - Arpeggiating Plaits 1
VCAs by 2x Intellijel Quad VCA
Envelopes by 2x Intellijel Quadrax
WMD Performance Mixer - Mixing all tracks

Recorded on iPhone 12 through iRig Pro Duo

EQ and Normalization in StudioOne 6

Titles from iMovie

I dig the tone and arrangement, dense, manic, and tristis, yes-please!

I dig the tone and arrangement, dense, manic, and tristis, yes-please!

Thank you for checking it out. Much appreciated!