It would be nice if the person who gave this module one star could post a comment mentioning what's wrong with the module.

There are people on the site that give companies they don't like 1-star (for whatever reason) effectively ruining the rating system. So don't put much stock in ratings. If MG showed the voters that rated 1-star, you would see the same people voting for things they haven't used. So yeah, useless rating system mostly. Unless it has lots of votes. Some stuff isn't even out yet and CoolGuys(TM) will "vote" 1 or 5 stars. BLM has an etsy store with legitimate reviews if you're curious (5 star seller, over 100 sales). I have a few BLM modules and they are fantastic.

Yeah you're right, I also have some BL modules and they're great, that's why I got curious when I saw that 1 star.

We have an eye for vote manipulation and we delete fake votings regularly. This module was downvoted by a normal user. Every voting system has this problem and I am not sure how to improve it. At the end take the ratings with a grain of salt but I still think in most occasions they give you a good idea. Especially if the modules are voted in larger numbers.

Beep, Bopp, Bleep:

You could try contacting the voter, though of course no guarantee they'll respond.

Open a Commenting system on people's votes so manufacturers can have a say or question a voter's stance.

Don't btw. We deal with a whole host of numpties on a similar system for beers

I think that the importance of ratings should not be overestimated. The diversity of expectations and experiences obviously brings them a rather subjective character. However, a clear trend, one way or the other, becomes real information if the 'survey' is sufficiently broad.

Pamela's NEW Workout: 4.77 out of 364 votes (this 15 March 2023) is a true indication. Personally, I have not (yet) adopted this module for various reasons. But this information (4.77 out of 364), added to the video demonstrations and various comments tell me that... yes, I might be satisfied if I integrate it into my modular.

The other important information, regardless of the rating, is in the 'why'. Why 4 stars rather than 5, for example. A comment on the rating is just as interesting, and often even more interesting, than the rating itself. That's normally what the forum is for. Even a manufacturer can accept an unfavourable opinion if it is motivated.