Anyone using the 6m0d6 via midi?

I am having not luck it. Manual says it should be on channel 10 but no luck, i have also tried with all the other channels. No luck.
Also, manual says it accepts trs standard a and b. I've tried with both, no luck.

Any ideas?

Hi Matteo

The 6m0d6 will only respond to MIDI notes D1, A1, D2, C#2, A#1, and F#1. Make sure your MIDI device is not transposing the notes. I’ve done this before without realizing it.

Also, please check that you have maximized the gain on each mixer channel, and also check that you are using the ‘MIX” output to your main mixer. I know this is obvious, but sometimes it’s easy to miss the simple things.

If none of that works, perhaps you could try another MIDI device. I hope you get it sorted out!

PS The 6equencer is a wonderful addition. Once you get to know it, it’s quick and easy to program and chain patterns together.