a self-contained eurorack system
instant and tactile like an acoustic instrument

  1. hardwired connections between Folktek Matter and Meng Qi Seashore;

  2. tonal / atonal audio from Skot Wiedmann HYVE / IFM Mr.Grassi, travels thru body into various points within Matter;

  3. left/rightmost inputs on Seashores are equipped with jacks, thus touch-controlled external signal injection / feedback are convenient;

  4. Meng Qi DPLPG provides smooth vactrol based voltage control of volume and tone;

  5. Recovery Effect Cutting Room Floor offers pitch shifting looping / delay / faux reverb, and is sensitive to incoming volume;

  6. bottom jacks on ADDAC Size Matter is connected to a D-Class amplifier, a hefty built-in surface transducer provides strong sound and vibrations to feel with body.

it went through a few revisions.
I hope it stays in the fine line between redundancy and scarcity, like a well designed standalone instrument.

video : vimeo.com/184161013
sc :
buy file : https://mengqi.bandcamp.com/track/duet-with-myself