Patch Notes - A couple of new modules added recently, the @amsynths AMS110 VCO which gives some lovely phat Sub bass, and a couple of @st-modular Modules, their WAVE LFO & ADSR the latter of which with its Speed switch makes it really performable giving me 3 parts from one sequence and VCO. This heads through the @GM1ify Zverb.
The other parts come from the @geosync TB-0 & TB-EFA for the squelchy Acid.
The weird shit in the tail-out ending is Rings into Clouds and Mimeophon with Pitches from Marbles and freaked with by the @DivKid / @instruo Ochd + Expander

Hypnotic acid track, unexpected and nice outro... Thanks for sharing!

'On ne devrait jamais quitter Montauban' (Fernand Naudin).

Really enjoyed that. You took me on a journey. Thanks!

Thanks @farkas

It felt lke quite a natural flow. Not too many screw ups either ;-)

Nice, love the ending!

“You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star.”
― Friedrich Nietzsche

Nice jam dude! I always suspected there was a body and a head attached to those tatooed arms, but now I know for sure. Haha!

Haha, yeah, not just a pair of floating arms :) Cheers