Hi to all modular freaks.
I own an Arturia microbrute and I want to expand it via eurorack system.At first place,microbrute and eurorack,will operate as a single unit.Later,when more modules will be added,I will have two separate instrumets. As you see my steps are small.Noise gen. is something that I miss from microbrute such as a second envelope and lfo. Well,someone told me to avoid doepfer's vcf,vco and look somethig better.I searched the net,but any other solution seems too pricey for me.
What are your thoughts on my basic system?Any suggestions?
Thank you in advance
Cheers!(sorry if my english is not proper)

From what I've read the Doepfer A-110-2 VCO is very well respected. Bang for buck though it is worth considering buying multi modules : Erica Synths Pico VCO and Expert Sleepers Disting MKIII multi module. I'm looking at the MFB OSC 3 triple VCO. Mutable Instruments are really good and offer a lot for the price and what I have built my system from.

Thanks for response!
Mutable instruments is a must have in a modern modular set up I think but I look for them later.I try not to be confused that's why
my first modules will be more sound processors for my microbrute.

I'm interested in what you discover. Likewise I am adding modules to expand my Doepfer Dark Energy but I'm building a small complete system now. I thought about going down the traditional Deopfer but to me by spending a bit more you get a lot more.

I have Polaris, Braids, Peaks, Veils and looking to add Maths - I thought about Function but people tell me on Gearslutz Maths is worth the extra $. And a good VCO module.

ModularGrid Rack

Well...I found really interesting dreadbox omikron dual vco. Really fat sound!Ideal for bass duties.You can check it on youtube.
What about mfb triple vco? It seems compact and cheap for what it is!

That is nice but a bit expensive. I like the Dreadbox Erebus as well but trying to keep prices down a bit so am looking at the Erica synths VCO2 vs MFB OSC 3 (triple vc0). And of course checking ebay for some deals :) I did start of thinking I want to do this on a budget, it isn't so cheap though but still trying to save some bucks somewhere!

I was really impressed with this simple set up:

Juicy!I need normals sound in my set up too!

I thought you'd find this interesting. Talking about his simple modular set up and for use with the minibrute.

I think I might just get myself a minibrute as well to use with my modular.

I'd definitely get a minibrute too. You wont regret it Justin.