Hey There.
I have an Analog four that I want to build a compact "drone/Noise" modular around.
I am curently looking at the snazzy fx drone bank and Make noise DPO.
I dont have any moduls now, so I need to start at the right place.
I am looking for any input on what you peolpe would do?
Ore if anyone have done something cool.
All the best joko..

Honestly, I wouldn't go with the drone bank - it has no CV control at all, so you'll be doing everything manually. You can get drones out of anything, but modulation is the key to keeping it interesting. Check this drone out using only Make Noise Telharmonic, Mutable Clouds and Qu-Bit Nano Rand -

Very nice example from @NickT
I personally was amazed by erica synths fusion drone system, very power hungy, tube based:

Depends really what kind of "drone" you want, also like mentioned, cv control is essential(I think)...

Thanx for your answer guys.
That Erica Synth is really what i want in compact drone Synth.
Types of drone sounds I am after are: Slow deep throbbing bass, twisted industrial Atmospheres,
Dark, nasty, creepy etc.
So if you Got some more tips moduler, situps ore videos an so on. please share.

DPO is lovely, can't recommend it enough --- a recent DPO drone of mine: Reverb is also very important, love my Erbe-Verb. The Harvestman stuff is really good for that kind of sound: Hertz Donut and Piston Honda as voices, Double Andore and Kermit to mix and modulate. Check out James Cigler's videos on the PH and DA on youtube.

I'd recommend Blinds for VCA-type duties in a drone-centric rack. I also have a VCA4p, which is a more standard VCA, but I admit for drones I go to Blinds first because it is bipolar. I don't have it (yet) but I'm seriously eyeing Verbos' Scan & Pan, especially since I can use the left and right outputs just as outputs 1 & 2. For modulation I've been using oscs that can go into sub-audio range as LFOs, but Just Friends is next on my list since it has 6 outs.

I've not used it, but I see people often recommend a Disting for those starting a rack, so that if you notice you're using one of its functions often, you should start looking at dedicated modules for that particular task.

Hi all,

My apologies if this is a violation of terms but I searched and it didn't seem to be.

I recently started a Slack community for the purpose of real time chat on the subject of all things Eurorack, and I am very into drones myself so there is a drone specific channel. Not much activity in there yet but I mention it in case you might want to join. And bring your friends! :)

Here is the link if you are interested: https://join.slack.com/t/eurorack/shared_invite/enQtMzM0MDIzNDIzNTIxLWVkZjRkYTJmN2M0NGMwNDQxY2IwOThiNTA4NTk0NzRkN2I4ZTEzOTk2MmU0ZWMwYzc1YWE4MzY5NGMyZmU3OTQ

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I would go with the Erica Synths Drone system even though it is expensive.