The marketplace exists for 2 years now. It's a place where strangers buy and sell stuff over the internet and so I am somewhat amazed that I am hearing very little complains about dubious transactions.

But there are people who had problems. For them it is worth nothing, that it's working pretty fine for everyone else.

In most cases people complain about defective modules, but there are cases where users reported that they never received anything. When two parties are involved there are always two opinions. One shouting fraud, the other shouting liar.

I have no idea how to deal with these situations and I cannot decide who is right and who is not.
I have a bad feeling about banning people on the call of others. I am also not sure if a bad trader thread won't lead to even more drama when users find themselves wrongfully on a list.
I like to hear some opinion.

it's been two years i'm on modulargrid and enjoy it. I made nice trades with various people but lately had a bad one. I won't name this person but since i paid him via paypal i have no response and still waiting my module (wich i assume will never arrive). How can i deal with it? Paypal won't refund me since it's not a commercial trade.
A feedback system would be a good thing to start with...

I think this is a special community and if your choosing to trade, shit can happen.. If it does.. Own your shit and deal with it as a team to satisfy the desires of the parties involved BOTH to the best of the ability. I would bend over backwards if I seen another is being reasonable.. In the same respect, be reasonable. Talk it out. It's not that odd that both can have pleasing outcomes ;)

Not sure if this is the place

User @christophefur has listings up and is basically taking loans on modules and not selling them. I purchased a Rings from him and after the time he told me he'd ship, he had not and was not responding to my messages asking for an update. I noticed he changed the listing the day after I purchased from only accepting Venmo, to accepting Paypal and Venmo. He then told me a bunch of personal info he was going through and how he was going to refund me, but he doesn't have the money at the moment and that he didn't actually want to sell the modules, which means he spent my money and kept the goods I purchased.

He has a Braids for sale and I would use extreme caution if you're going to purchase. From what our exchange was he has no intention to sell, you will be loaning him money.

How about a rating system, or a small comment section on the advertisment page where people can give comments on their experience with the seller.
This way you can decide if you trust the seller based on multiple opinions?
And you wont have too search the forum to find out about it.