What a great sound source the Braids is! A great variety of basic oscillator sounds that could easily spice up any patch or track. META-mode, which allow you to modulate between the different oscillator types, is worth the price for it alone. Easily a 5/5.

0ne of my favorite vco's - simple to dial in just what yer lQQking for - sounds farken great

For my first ever modular it was my Oscillator of choice. Having lots of old analog synths and more modern ones, I just wanted something a bit different then "just" an ordinary VCO. Looking forward patching it in!

Owners and potential owners of Braids may be interested in Bees-in-the-Trees, which is alternative open-source firmware for the Braids module. Bees-in-the-Trees adds lots of internal modulation capabilities, extends the range of external modulation destinations, and even provides a simple step meta-sequencer, all running inside your Braids. Full details, installation instructions and compiled firmware images are available at http://timchurches.github.io/Mutated-Mutables/.

Bees-in-the-Trees v3.9 modified firmware for Braids is now publicly available - see http://timchurches.github.io/Mutated-Mutables/ for details. Apart from dual internal LFOs/envelopes, v3.9 adds a meta-sequencer, a complete virtual Music Thing Turing Machine implementation, quantisation of note CVs to a wide range of scales, and external CV control of many different parameters (but not all at once). Like the official Braids firmware on which it is based, Bees-in-the-Trees is completely open-source and available free-of-charge.