You may be familiar with the sound effect produced by a sample & hold module, plugged into a VCO, for example.
But, are there other ways S&H can be used? For instance, controlling a VCA, or VCF.
What prompted me to ask was hearing a Jean Michel Jarre track on his Oxygene 3 album... Oxygene 15, I think.
It has a S&H quality to it, whilst still keeping to a melody.

Would love to read peoples opinions/ideas.

Peace... Simon.

Greetings to Scotland! Love using S&H inserted between FM modulator & carrier - can give very liquid feel to the sound

Try using it for filter modulation - instead of a smooth change with a sine wave you get steps in the filter cutoff. Or use it to switch modes, for example on MI Warps have it plugged into the algorithm cv control; I've also used it to do something similar on my Flame FC16 CV to switch effect modes.