I'm just getting into modular after spending time with software based synths then a mixture of keyboard (normalised) synths and grooveboxes. I have purchased an 0-Coast and a Korg SQ-1 to get me started but currrently thinking of getting the Make Noise Skiff to start my modular journey properly!

I think this would get me started but I'm open to any suggestions!

well, either module would eat up a lot of your rack, but my two favorite modules are intellijel's insane shapeshifter wavetable modulator. i'd kick maths out for that, but i just don't like maths to begin with. it's too complex (i like 1 function modules better eg. intellijel triatts for CV control and a dedicated ADSR, but that's me) and i just don't like the looks of it, but it's your rack and it's one of the highest rated modules so who am i to argue?

there are other smaller wavetable VCOs to add some tonal variety to your STO like erica's black wavetable or various mutable instruments modules like braids.

i just learned about pamela's new workout tonight and am really impressed by how it seems to replace both a 4xLFO batumi AND a quad clock modulator. that would add a lot of PROGRAMMABLE clock modulation to your system. in a small system, intellijel's polaris filter offers a huge variety of analogue VCF tone to a system. other modules might do specific tones better, but i haven't heard any analogue filter that can do chunky, juicy, rubbery, creamy AND attitude. maybe a SEM might be a little juicier or a crazy WASP might grunge harder, but they can't do everything else. it's a reasonable 10hp too.

as to envelope generators, i couldn't imagine using anything but intellijel's dual ADSR because sliders just make more sense in an EG to me.

i wish i better understood modulars, especially utilities, so i could help more, but even there like everywhere else, it all boils down to preferences in sound, function & layout.

regardless, i'll argue with ANY expert that shapeshifter & morpheus kick tons of analogue butt in the tone department except maybe they need some grunging up to sound less digital... a good filter and a metasonix tube VCA would help there i'd think. check the demos out for yourself and decide for yourself if anything i've suggested works for you.

Well I've finally pulled the trigger and got a case and a few modules to go with my 0-Coast. I'm now after suggestions to expand on what I have (VCA suggestions would be good) and I have an eye on pams new workout but open to any other ideas

intellijel quad vca, befaco hexmix vca, Mutable Instruments Veils, Happy Nerding 3xVCA, Zblob VnIcursal VCA, ALM Tangle Quartet are some nice vca's to choose from.

since you've already started i think your rack will guide you to your next modules just fine ;)