I just got a Mother 32 yesterday as a way to dip my foot into the Eurorack pool. I also have a Microbrute with CV in/out so I'm sure that can prove useful. So I'm going to pick up the M32 two tier rack system and a 60HP case to go with it along with a power supply.

I'm not looking to get a huge system.. just something small and compact that will compliment the M32. Maybe another oscillator (wavetable) and some effect/modulation modules (delay, verb. phaser, LFO). I know my space is limited but I'm looking for advice on what I might consider to compliment the M32 and have some fun.

My goal is to get a sequence going on the M32 and then run the audio through effects and modulators to get some interesting timbres and patterns... i guess you could say I'm looking for a small sound design configuration. I know this stuff can get expensive but let's assume $$ is no object for my little rack.

I was considering getting multiple ExpertSleepers Dister because they seem so versatile.. maybe even a few Erica Picos or some stuff from 2HP... but I'm open to any suggestions. THANKS!!!!

Check out this series. This guy is doing the same thing (starting with Mother32 and walks through how he picked his first):