the forum's search engine doesn't do the best job of searching for filters by clone type, but using this modular grid & this article about filter clones, i came up with these 5 possible clones, not counting the studio electronics MS-20 boomstar which sounded really interesting and very different from their yamaha CS-80 which got me into it's sort of "nintendo/atari" sound

ModularGrid Rack

Intellijel - Korgasmatron II - seems to be the most popular as far as i can tell

Befaco - Sallen Key Filter BF-22 - according to an online blurb i read, it is a "true clone", down to cloned ICs and can be used as a direct replacement

Analogue Solutions - SY02

Manhattan Analog - MA35 VCF/A - is actually an MS-10 clone... what's the difference between an MS-10 & MS-20?

Malekko Heavy Industry - Dual Borg - is technically supposed to be a bucchla clone, but is also compared to the MS-20

anyone have any experience with any of these compared to any of the others? considering that at least as far as filter clones go, doepfer isn't the best choice (specifically their SEM clone), i'd expect there to be some sound quality differences between each brand, and something else i read implied that the MS-20 can do some huge bass sounds too which would be nice as i'm just not a fan of moog sound, but if 2 filters more or less sound the same, the one that offers extra tones, like a sweet overdrive, or multi-modes would be preferable. until hearing the MS-20 boomstar, i'd dismissed the synth as irrelevant.

I have the older Korgasmatron, that is a great filter, very gritty but also very versatile because it tracks 1 V/octave and can be used as dual sine oscillator.
I had the dual Borg, which also sounds nice, but I did not like, that you always had to put in a cable if you wanted to use just one of the filters.
I did not use the Befaco filter, but I have several other modules from Befaco and they all have the punkrock approach, so I guess that Sallen-key filter will be cool too.

cool. thanks for the info.

as to "radical patching", IF i had a modular, most of my patching would just be swapping oscillators & filters in "standard synths" with "power patches" being based on intellijel's cylonix shapeshifter & rossum's morpheus (the absolute sickest filter IMO) & control forge, so using filters as oscillators wouldn't be an issue for me, and you'd NEVER see a maths or rampage in my rack.

BTW, i forgot the doepfer 106-1. i read about it, but when i looked it up here, a different 106 filter clone, must be their code for filter, showed up, so i didn't include it.

as to punk rock, i think that would be the arp odyssey, but nowadays, NOTHING's as punk as the all tube metasonix S-1000 wretch machine.