ModularGrid Rack
Hello everyone!

Do you think this modular system is balanced? My budget is up to 3.000€; so I tried to build a versatile system that enables me to explore the sound without constraints (at least for the next two years; I hope). Still I do not know if something important is missing ( a switch Power Supply?). I have a dual VCO, FM Playground, texture synthesis (very useful I think) and FX processor. I also think that I have enough CV controls, and along with ES-40 SPDIF Interface and ESX-8CV mk2 I can apply my own CV controls (Reaktor or Max/Msp). I think I can also use in conjunction with Clouds, external sound sources (samples, Noise,Microphone.....) from my audio driver outputs (or I need some kind of converter? Sounds a stupid question......). Anyway at least I know that I need Adapter Cable 6.3/3.5 mm.

So that's it! Thank you in advance.
Ps: I'm new in this modular world, so don't judge ;)

Unless you plan on buying/constructing a powered case you definitely need a power supply module. Thats all I got.